May 2014.

I've bought a campervan as a 60th birthday present to myself, made some curtains and a patchwork quilt, waved goodbye to my family, and set off. My aim is to explore the coastline of Britain, anti clockwise, starting in Kent. I have no idea what will happen.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's much easier now..

I have been SO pleased with the response to my first post about India. Many people have got in touch and been so enthusiastic and positive, and given advice and tips and contacts and charities... But all to my email, so not be be shared. Not many actual comments ..

I can't tell you what a meal I have made over setting up this blog... it has taken ages. Insufficient courage chiefly, and lack of the correct neural pathways to tackle setting the thing up. (Thank you Kim for coming round and we set the thing up in about 10 minutes.) Like so many things that you think are going to frighten the life out of you, it really wasn't so difficult.

Then lots of people were unsure about what to do with the blog ("what do I do with all the boxes and symbols").. and I thought 'Aaah! come on, it really isn't so difficult.' Being such a pro, I decided to write helpful hints on how to comment/follow and help everyone along step by step. But I couldn't do it either..  Now Hayley has been round (she's 21) and showed me how to make it easier.. and hopefully by the time I leave for India (first week in May, date to be confirmed) my neural pathways will be crystal clear and I will be completely cyber-confident.. Otherwise Hayley will have to come too.

Meanwhile.. if you want to comment, go to the bottom of a blog and press 'Comment' and fill in the box. And if you want to follow the blog, go to 'Follow by Email' on the right hand side and fill in the box. Simple.


Angela Young said...

Neural pathways. That's the thing ... I was born after a certain age (ie the one when people with computers were as normal as people with brains) and although my brain-usage is pretty good, my computer-usage seems to require different neurals which those under a certain age are born with ... so I too need a plethora of twenty-one-year-olds - thank goodness for them - to help me. But once the pathway's discovered it seems to stay open ... and your red looks quite stunning (and your pic).

May India be a glorious, original, fascinating, mind (neural-pathway)-expanding experience. Looking forward to hearing all about it here.

PS: The chief thing I discovered in India was how humbling the way they live is: they need absolutely nothing material to be - apparently - exceedingly happy.

Hayley Harland said...

Was that a sly invitation there?! - be careful what you wish for!

It looks wonderful and I promise it will be so much easier next week. xxxx

Fiona said...

Don't want to discourage with tales of Delhi Belly but who needs it? Not you! What you need is Bimuno powders which I am just about to start taking again in preparation for my trip up the Nile. Everytime I when to India I came back on death's door (last time I had to be stretchered, literally, off the embarrassing although the weight loss was fun). When I was due to go to Delhi a month or so ago, I scoured the internet to try to find something to arm myself with and came up with these pre-biotic powders (you can get them from Boots online or Amazon and in larger Boots stores) which line the stomach or something. Anyway I swear they worked a treat and I came home this time fighting fit and stil (unfortunately) enormously fat. Take the powders, don't drink the tap water or eat fresh vegetables and fruit (because of the tap water they are washed in) and you should be fine. Delhi is wonderful wonderful when you get under it's skin. I could have spent all day just standing on the street corner in Chandni Chowk watching the world - in a whirl of colour - go by.

Unknown said...

I've never been to India (only vicariously following Oliver on his gap year!) so can't offer any adive. It sounds like such an exciting adventure and I'm just a little bit jealous. Looking forward to following the blog from my Wiltshire workroom.

Unknown said...

Well we blazed a trail and are just back from two unforgettable weeks in Rajasthan. We visited a fantastic primary school supported by the HCommission which might well need help. 1 hour from Delhi. (OK not Rajasthan but thats by the by)

Speak soon


Anonymous said...

Message from the Nile: I TAKE IT ALL BACK ABOUT BIMUNO POWDERS...I've taken industrial quantities of the stuff and – you guessed it.

Fiona said...

Sorry...didn't mean that last message to be anonymous